Gas and Cogeneration

With global concern on carbon dioxide emission, clean  energy using different type of gas provides an alternative and substitution for conventional type of fuel source. It not only cuts down the exhaust emission but also adds to its value in using the exhaust for additional energy in providing hot water, steam or for refrigeration. The idea of cogeneration can maximize the use of energy from conventional 40% utilization to 90%.

Gas generators can employ a variety of gas source and that the composition of the gas content is the prime concern in deciding on how we structure the configuration.

Gas source can be with:

  • Natural Gas

  • Biogas

  • Landfill Gas

  • Coal Seam Gas

  • Oil Field Gas

  • Sewage Methane

  • Combustible Industrial Waste

  • Syngas

  • Shale Gas

  • Mashgas