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"Along the way" the guide Chinese equipment to go out

The equipment will be along the way of as the vanguard in the strategic role.

4 July 3, Premier Li Keqiang presided over a Chinese equipment; go out and promote international production cooperation forum said, support equipment, the Chinese go out and promoting international cooperation in capacity.

Li Keqiang stressed the need to do domestic capacity and foreign markets docking, better fit in different regions, especially along the way along the country's needs. This is not only conducive to China invigorated the stock assets, but also to other countries to accelerate the process of industrialization, the expansion of employment, for cooperation between China and developed countries develop the third party market to create more opportunities. This is, for mutual benefit and win-win good.

China Regional Economic Association, vice chairman and Secretary long Chen Yao told the "daily economic news" reporter, after years of development, China has formed many surplus quality of advanced productivity, especially the equipment manufacturing industry in the international technical level leading. along the way; along the country, especially a lot of Asia and Africa, China and the EU countries of the equipment manufacturing industry there is a considerable demand, China's equipment has the go out a condition.

how to go out?

Flexible use of a variety of sea mode

Li Keqiang at the 3rd Forum said that at present, many countries in infrastructure construction and promote industrialization, demand greatly, and our country a lot of equipment and production quality and cheap, comprehensive ability strong. Support Chinese equipment to go out and promote international cooperation in capacity, in expanding the import and export of products based on the superposition of export industries, not only pay attention to consumer pay more attention to investment goods export and benefit both the short-term and long-term benefits to the parties to achieve a win-win.

in addition, along the way in the case of the shortage of national construction resources along the part of the country, but also do need to help through imports and international forces to be addressed.

Li Keqiang stressed that to highlight the operation of the market. The enterprise led, in accordance with the principles of the commercial, flexibility in the use of foreign economic and Trade Park, engineering general contract and the third party cooperation etc. various sea mode, do a good job capacity at home and abroad market docking, better fit in different regions, especially the along the way along the country's needs.

why go out?

For the China economic burden by

Li Keqiang said, support Chinese equipment to go out and promote international cooperation in capacity, is to upgrade the quality and efficiency of China's economy key initiatives. At present, China has to withstand the downward pressure on the economy, must use dual engine dual high. Is to build a new engine to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and peoples; second is to transform the traditional engine, expand the supply of public goods and public services. but dual engine can not shut the door to build, we must focus on the global. Li said now, support China's equipment to go out, promote international cooperation in capacity, in the global scope of the allocation of factors of production, develop market capacity, can be to reduce the burden of China's economy in the high-speed development force.

and go out to also need to improve the relevant supporting services. In this regard, Li Keqiang stressed that the promotion of equipment and international capacity to go out and cooperate, financial services to synchronize follow-up. To broaden the use of foreign exchange reserves channels. Through directed to issue special bonds, focus on cooperation projects provide more financing services; and to strengthen risk prevention under the premise, and give better play to the advantages and buy loans, foreign preferential loans role, expand the scope of countries and industries support.

addition, Li Keqiang also said that to get rid of commercial financing obstacles. To promote Chinese funded financial institutions overseas network construction, support enterprises to overseas assets, equity and other rights as collateral loans to carry out, explore overseas bonds filing system, encourage public-private partnership project loan business; to play the guiding role of fiscal funds; to expand the export credit insurance coverage.

how do experts see?

along the country, China will win

Chen Yao believes that along the way the logic of strategy is to first of all to achieve the interoperability between Asia, Europe and Africa, one of the main task is the implementation of infrastructure investment and construction. In addition, Chen Yao said, along India and other South Asian countries have a certain manufacturing basis, the Chinese side can also provide the necessary supporting conditions for the development of cooperation between the two countries equipped with manufacturing. in fact, the Chinese equipped with go out strength. Yao said China after the development of more than 30 years since the reform and opening up to the outside world, technology in largescale equipment, project construction and other aspects is already very mature, can be combined with the top-level design and its practice in grass roots, so as to ensure implementation of plan has extensive practical experience.

Chen Yao further said that China has sufficient production capacity and equipment to provide the strength, especially transport and power fields such as high-speed rail, nuclear power and other aspects of significant progress, as along the way the smooth implementation of the strategy provides very important industry support.

And it is worth noting that the Chinese equipment in go to bring good along the country, while China itself will also get development.