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China PV industry will break through the encirclement in Europe and America

China Solar PV News: Liansheng Miao: Chinese PV companies, although currently facing multiple pressures, but we are pleased to see the country to foster development and growth of the real economy as a long-term grand strategy, the favorable policies have been introduced, greatly encouraged and inspired business .

Although there is no real economy, finance, the Internet industry landscape, but it has a stable employment powerful virtual economy and an important foundation for the financial industry, is the country's economic stability and achieve the goal of economic restructuring cornerstone. The last three years, Europe three times on China's photovoltaic industry launched the "double reverse" survey, reflecting the reluctance Europe and the Third Industrial Revolution is a great opportunity for distributed solar energy, especially in the field of surrendering China, trying to set up a variety of barriers suppress the development of Chinese enterprises, to regain the advantage of photovoltaic manufacturing true intentions.

Now the state support for the photovoltaic industry unprecedented attention, the PV industry is positioned as one of the few emerging strategic industries with international competitiveness, and repeatedly stressed the importance of the industry. Especially in recent years, the market competition, rapid technological advances photovoltaic industry, greatly enhance the photoelectric conversion efficiency of photovoltaic power generation costs fell 50 percent in many areas of industrial electricity generation costs have been lower than the price of photovoltaic application area expanded from Europe to global application forms diversification. But currently, Chinese PV companies also faced with great opportunities and great challenges. On the one hand, the cost of photovoltaic power can be expected also continued to decline, the market will be further expansion, a huge space for development. On the other hand, enterprises are facing rising raw material costs, product technology upgrade invested nervous, free trade frequent pressure test, the slightest mistake will produce significant damage. Yingli Group for two consecutive years as the world's first company to ship, although market share continues to expand, but also affected by the overall situation in the industry, are doing positive adjustment, business enterprises significantly improve the quality of the second quarter.

No country like China, bringing together so many outstanding companies, hundreds of thousands of employees, invested huge capital and technology, focusing on development of photovoltaic industry. China PV industry competitiveness of products made in technology, capital investment, talent intelligence inputs, the inevitable result of industrial scale. Enterprise development is inseparable from the overall layout of the country.

Solar PV is a globally recognized green renewable energy, represents the future direction of development. As a new industry, we have made the first breakthrough, but still fragile, too easy a slight advantage will be taken from Europe and America. I hope the country in support of the real economy, in particular the development of photovoltaic industry, the full use of a good industrial base of China's photovoltaic industry has, international market layout and innovative creativity, confidence, dare act, there is a good, firm PV future industrial development in their own hands.