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American model worked in 2016 will become the world's largest solar market?

Reuters: U.S. Solar Alliance president and Gigue • Sand (JigarShah) said the United States has taken a slow and steady approach to develop its own solar field, the field will produce benefits at home and abroad, the United States will become the world's largest in 2016 the solar market.

"The United States market, specifically showing a slow steady wins the race strategy in the United States is our goal to gradually teach the banking sector to invest in solar energy. This process may subsidize tariff strategies to spend more than five years, but I feel we can this result is achieved in the United States. "he believes that a yieldco tools can accelerate investment portfolio thousand one million U.S. dollars project. yieldco has been gaining traction in the United States and London, and will see yieldco listed in Singapore, Mumbai and other global stock markets.

He predicted: "Once the United States in 2016 by becoming the world's largest market to prove their model works, I think there will be more than thirty major emerging markets eager to copy the American model, which will be given to the 2020 Solar huge boost."