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MSW Gasification

The MSW gasification technology refers to the process of thermal pyrolysis of municipal solid waste which is put into the gasifier. In the conditions of high temperature and starved air, the organic substance of the waste will be fully gasified after pyrolysis and gasification reaction. During this process, the organic macromolecules are cracked into combustible gas in small molecule. The remaining substances are melting furnace slag. The whole process will kill all the bacteria and pathogens with small emission and no dioxin emission. This technology has high degree on waste minimization which reaches to 90%.

Process Description:
The pyrolysis and gasification technology push the waste from feeding system by hydraulic propulsion into the gasifier. Under the combined effect of high temperature, air and steam, combustible gas is produced after pyrolysis and gasification. In the end we will get pure fuel gas with 5500-6500KJ/Nm3 heat value and 11000~25000Pa pressure after dust extraction, electrical tar precipitation, cooling, purification, dechlorination, desulfuration and drying process etc.

Project Introduction:
Our subsidiary company Jiangxi Cyclean New Energy Environmental Protection Technology Research Institute Co.Ltd is developing and research on the single gasification equipment which can process 60t municipal solid waste per day. Now this equipment is being experimenting.